Edgar Sound, Steve Wu – Dinner With You (Feat. Kinnie Lane) MV

Video Discription

연인을 저녁 식사에 초대하는 날의 설레임, 당신과 함께 저녁 식사를 ‘Dinner With You’

사랑하는 연인을 위해 맛있는 저녁 식사를 준비합니다. 분위기를 한껏 올리기 위해 테이블 양초에 불을 붙이고 와인도 준비했습니다. 해맑은 미소와 함께 꽃다발을 안겨준 연인은 서툴지만 정성 어린 음식들에 칭찬이 가득합니다. 와인 때문인지 분위기 탓인지 시시콜콜한 농담에도 미소가 지어지는 하루의 끝자락.

연인과 함께하는 저녁 식사의 사랑스러운 장면과 행복한 감정을 ‘Dinner With You’의 러블리한 멜로디로 함께 떠올리며 느껴보세요.

The romance of inviting your lover to dinner, ‘Dinner With You’

Preparing a romantic dinner for your beloved lover… You might light the candles on the table and prepare some wine to set the mood. Your lover who joins you to dinner with a bright smile and a bouquet of flowers is busy showing appreciation to all the heartful dishes that you made for dinner. At the end of the day, whether it’s the wine or atmosphere, smiles and laughter are made even in frivolous jokes.

Listen to ‘Dinner With You’ and picture yourself to the endearing scenes and emotions of having dinner with your lover.


Edgar Sound, Steve Wu – Dinner With You (Feat. Kinnie Lane)

Producer Edgar Sound, Steve Wu
Arranged and Composed By Edgar Sound, Steve Wu
Lyrics By Kinnie Lane
Mixed By Steve Wu @Aquaflo Studio
Mastered By Kevin Grainger @Wired Masters (UK)

ⓒ℗ DJKOREA RECORDS Co, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Released : 2018.9.25