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Video Discription

Day & Night 은 클럽 아레나 디제이와 K-pop 프로듀서로 활동하는 ‘스티브 우(Steve Wu)’가 디제이코리아레코드에서 처음 발매하는 아티스트 앨범으로 여름에 어울리는 신나는 트로피컬 하우스 곡 이다.

‘레드 벨벳(Red Velvet)’의 [Talk to Me], ‘Mackenzie Ziegler’의 [Breath] 등으로 한국에서도 익숙한 ‘Alina Smith’, ‘Annalise Morelli’가 송라이팅에 힘을 보탠 [Day & Night]은 사랑을 처음 시작한 이들의 설레면서도 복잡한 감정을 쉽고 캐치하게 표현한 곡이다.

Being a top notch DJ in Korea, Steve Wu who is currently signed under Universal Music Publishing, DJKorea Records, Club Arena is releasing a new single named ‘Day & Night’ 3 years after his last release.

‘Day & Night’ is based on house music and the song has an exciting tropical sound that blends in perfectly with summer. Alina Smith and Annalise Morelli (songwriters for Red Velvet – Talk To Me, Mackenzie Ziegler – Breath) had participated in songwriting and contributed in making this summery and catchy song that expresses the feeling of excitement and complex emotions of those who fall in love for the first time.


Steve Wu – Day & Night

Produced by Steve Wu
Composed by Steve Wu, Alina Smith, Annalise Morelli
Lyrics by Alina Smith, Annalise Morelli
Arranged by Steve Wu
Mixed by Steve Wu at Aquaflo Studio
Mastered by Cass Irvine at Wired Masters (UK)
Music Video & Artwork by DJKOREA RECORDS

Copyright ⓒ DJKOREA RECORDS Co, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Released : 2018.8.30

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